Survival Tactics: Content Warnings

“About Time” – Two oblique mentions of suicidal ideation.

“Factory Reset” – Descriptions of carnivorous animals hunting.

“The Haunting of Jessica Lockwood” – Discussions of multiple deaths, including the death of children; one on-page death.

“Overlay” – Discussions of end-of-life care, and of death.

“Single Point of Failure” – Suicidal ideation that’s not acted upon; one briefly-described suicide; murder; A LOT of graphic violence.

“Unto Dust” – Off-page death; on-screen grieving in a number of different ways.

“Thinking Inside the Box” – One scene of sexual exploitation (but no rape); mutilation of a corpse; murder and suicide.

“Friends Like These” – Mild gore in the form of a dead body.

“Govi” – Nothing past the usual swearing.

“Birthdays at the End of Time” – Grieving and contemplation of the end of life; references to off-page suicide; a brief discussion of euthanasia (which does not happen).