Survival Tactics: Table of Contents

See the book’s introduction for content warnings.

“About Time” (paranormal romance): A haunted clock brings together a shy computer programmer and a struggling artist.

“Factory Reset”  (sf): A routine terraformer salvage job proves more complicated than anticipated.

“Overlay” (sf): A father must rescue his teenaged son from a clandestine mission gone wrong. 

“Single Point of Failure” (sf horror): An epidemic of accidents on Mercury Station is not what it seems.

“Thinking Inside the Box” (sf): A prisoner hopes to earn his freedom working with an alien artifact that can tell the future.

“Govi – a Central Corps short”  (sf): Elena undertakes a hazardous rescue in a toxic alien ocean. (This story takes place about 2 weeks before BREACH OF CONTAINMENT and contains mild spoilers for earlier books.)

“Friends Like These” (mystery? sf? kind of flash fic, so who knows?): Sometimes you need a little help disposing of the corpse in your front yard.