Wee bits of news

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Jim C. Hines has posted the first part of his author income survey results. He’s clear about the limitations of it, but it’s still good data for the curious (and it meshes more or less with my personal, very small sample set of fellow writers about whom I have any income insight).

On my own blog, I posted a view from the other side: Are You Sure? (Y/N)

As I mumbled on Facebook: I’ve seen cover drafts for BREACH OF CONTAINMENT and good heavens the cover is outstanding and I am all jump-up-and-down-y wanting to share it with y’all, which I will do the very instant I get the OK. (It’s up for preorder, too–links on the books page.)

Lastly, I’m in the process of convincing Goodreads that yes, I am indeed the author of those books. When that happens, I’m going to try to set up a giveaway or two. Stay tuned.

So! I wrote another book.

Book Stuff

!!REMNANTS OF TRUST is out today!!

I’m pretty happy with this one. It’s a different story than THE COLD BETWEEN, although to me it follows logically. It says what I want it to say, and you can interpret that however you like.

Some promo stuff!

On my own blog, I write about how I came to write this story.

On Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, I write about Guanyin, my great big pregnant starship captain.

And, for giggles, I’ve added another Spotify playlist.

There will probably be more promo stuff over the next week or so. I’ll post links here. For those wanting something more direct, here’s an excerpt, and links to where to buy it. Share and Enjoy.

And just because I can, here, once again, is my breathtaking cover, courtesy the phenomenal Chris McGrath: