Wee bits of news

Jim C. Hines has posted the first part of his author income survey results. He’s clear about the limitations of it, but it’s still good data for the curious (and it meshes more or less with my personal, very small sample set of fellow writers about whom I have any income insight). On my own […]

The Portalist

On The Portalist, I blogged about milSF and what I thought it was about–or, more accurately, can be about. Not that I don’t enjoy writing all of them, but I enjoyed this one a LOT. Writing it made me realize just how personal my choice of venue is when I write. Have a look, if you like. […]

So! I wrote another book.

!!REMNANTS OF TRUST is out today!! I’m pretty happy with this one. It’s a different story than THE COLD BETWEEN, although to me it follows logically. It says what I want it to say, and you can interpret that however you like. Some promo stuff! On my own blog, I write about how I came […]

On the blog: A leftover.

I’ve published a blog post I actually wrote a while ago, for no other reason than I felt like being clear about it. There are spoilers there for THE COLD BETWEEN, but I suspect anyone interested enough to read the blog post has already been exposed to those spoilers. Less than a week before REMNANTS! […]