Last updated December 30, 2019

Q: What’s the genre?

Science fiction, specifically space opera within a quasi-military framework. Think Star Trek, only darker and further into the future.

Q: Content warnings?

Language. Violence. Suicidal ideation.

Q: Wait – is there no sex in this book?

Nope. Folks are busy with other stuff.

Q: So is THIS one YA?



Q: (Because people have actually asked me this:) Great cover! Who’s the black guy?

That’s Greg.

Q: But…really?

There are three reasons people ask about this:

  1. I’m white, and they expect me to write white characters.
  2. Greg has gray eyes. I had personal reasons for that choice, but if I had it to do over his eyes would be brown.
  3. Greg Foster is your basic WASP name, and I’d choose differently there as well.

Q: Seriously, though: Great cover.

It’s hands-down my favorite. I have a print of it framed on my wall. It’s the background for my cell phone. Chris McGrath is always good, but damn, I love this one.