Last updated December 30, 2019

Q: What’s the genre?

Science fiction, specifically space opera within a quasi-military framework. Think Star Trek, only darker and further into the future.

Q: Content warnings?

Language. Violence. Suicidal ideation.

Q: Wait – is there no sex in this book?

Nope. Folks are busy with other stuff.

Q: So is THIS one YA?



Q: (Because people have actually asked me this:) Great cover! Who’s the black guy?

That’s Greg.

Q: But…really?

There are three reasons people ask about this:

  1. I’m white, and they expect me to write white characters.
  2. Greg has gray eyes. (I had personal reasons for that choice, and no, I’m not going into it.)
  3. Greg Foster is your basic WASP name. If I had this to do over, I’d change it.

Q: Seriously, though: Great cover.

It’s hands-down my favorite. I have a print of it framed on my wall. It’s the background for my cell phone. Chris McGrath is always good, but damn, I love this one.