Last updated December 30, 2019

Q: What’s the genre?

Science fiction, specifically space opera within a quasi-military framework. Think Star Trek, only darker and further into the future.

Q: Content warnings?

Language. Violence/war. Explicit sex. Suicide. Death, up close and personal.

Q: YA?


I’ve tried writing YA, but my stuff just doesn’t come out like that.

Q: So, that cover. Trigger safety?

She’s not holding the gun properly, is she?

Three things about this:

  1. It’s The Future™. Weapon safety is far more sophisticated.
  2. This scene never happens in the book. Elena’s only carrying in one scene, and it’s not this one. (And she’s never in this place with Jessica in the book, so the cover is non-canonical just like the other two, and okay, fine.)
  3. …Yeah, I didn’t think of it, and neither did anyone else in the approval food chain.

I’m actually working this into the worldbuilding for Book 4 – not Elena holding a gun wrong, but the idea of a different type of firearm safety. Thanks to some very thoughtful gun experts on Twitter for making me think about it.

Q: Is Dallas non-binary?

Yes. And if I’d known how frequently that would be missed, I’d have made it much more obvious.

Q: Is this the end of the story?

No. It’s the end of one aspect of the story. The three books make a decent stand-alone arc, I think. But I have two other books planned to play out some of the larger issues that are still in motion at the end of BREACH.