This is probably available via ebook samples (or will be at some point), but here it is for your happy web-based reading pleasure. Dallas and Martine discover something that they really didn’t want to discover, and we all know Jamyung shouldn’t have bought it at all, don’t we?

I have Cage Matched

Unbound Worlds does a fun thing where they pit fantasy and science fiction characters against each other in a battle to the death. And I got to write some battles. 🙂 They’re currently on Round 3. I wrote this one. Go vote, and have fun!  

Here it comes…

It’s typical of how I live my life that I found out my book was available for pre-order from a friend of mine on Facebook. He was concerned that he’d inadvertently stepped on my moment, but I told him it was so much cooler having him find it and announce it the way he did. […]