Descriptive copy for REMNANTS OF TRUST

Be fair, it may have been up for weeks. I never think to check for these things. 🙂 It’s up on all the places the book is currently listed (it’s still not listed at Powell’s or some of the UK retail sites; I’ll keep checking and update the Books page as new listings appear). I suppose the copy could be considered a spoiler, since it mentions two … Continue reading Descriptive copy for REMNANTS OF TRUST

Functional Nerds

A few weeks back I recorded the Functional Nerds podcast, and the episode went live this morning. John and Patrick were professional, interesting, and interested interviewers, and I had great fun chatting with them. But of course I always love chatting with people who let me ramble on! (Which of course means if I am babbling incoherently…well, that’s just me, I guess. :))   Continue reading Functional Nerds