Here it comes…

It’s typical of how I live my life that I found out my book was available for pre-order from a friend of mine on Facebook.

He was concerned that he’d inadvertently stepped on my moment, but I told him it was so much cooler having him find it and announce it the way he did. Because then I got to have a spontaneous public reaction, which was, in short: HOLY CATS, PEOPLE, I’M UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

It’s a very strange thing, publishing for the first time. For all the years I’ve been writing, being in print was always the implicit Ultimate Goal. The process of getting there, though, has been significantly different from what I had imagined. Or perhaps that’s not quite right; perhaps it’s not so much different as it is far more convoluted and detailed.

And fast. My agent keeps telling me publishing is slow, and when I look at the calendar, she’s not wrong. But I seem to have gone straight from working out how to best hammer out this pivotal moment at the end of the story to “Hey, Liz! I just pre-ordered your book!”

It’s surreal. It’s wonderful, but…it’s surreal.

Links to the usual suspects (with apologies to those I’ve missed; it’s not up everywhere yet):

HarperCollins (US/UK)
iBookstore (US/UK/Canada)
Amazon (US/UK/Canada)