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A science fiction thriller from the author of the Central Corps series
They were the last of humanity. Until the day they learned they weren’t…
When Anya Savelova’s murder investigation is interrupted by a ship from an Earth believed dead, she must balance her newfound hope for the future with the fragile present of her ice-bound colony. A standalone novel of crime, colonization, and precarious hope. (House Panther Publishing, 2022)


Condition of War
As the galaxy’s government fractures, the crew of the starship Galileo ventures into uncharted space to confront an enemy older than any of them know. (2023)


Survival Tactics
Ten science fiction stories of aliens, poltergeists, threatening polygons, and carnivorous rabbits, exploring why we need each other-and why sometimes we don’t. (House Panther Publishing, 2021)
Includes all my short fiction from 2014 to 2021.

Story excerpts
Content warnings (includes spoilers)

The Central Corps Series

The Cold Between

Prologue | Chapter 5
Content warnings (includes light spoilers)

Remnants of Trust
While pursuing the perpetrators of a deadly attack, Elena and the Galileo crew must deal with a reckless starship captain consumed by revenge. (HarperVoyager, 2016)

Prologue | Chapter 9 | Chapter 15
Content warnings (includes light spoilers)

Breach of Containment
A diplomatic squabble on a colony moon reunites Elena with Galileo and her old crewmates, who find themselves abruptly isolated–and facing a galaxy-wide civil war. (HarperVoyager, 2017)

Prologue | Chapter 9
Content warnings (includes light spoilers)

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