The Central Corps Series

The Cold Between
In the far future, Commander Elena Shaw of the starship Galileo investigates the death of one of her crewmates, which may be related to a mysterious accident decades earlier. (HarperVoyager, 2016)

Prologue | Chapter 5

Remnants of Trust
While pursuing the perpetrators of a deadly attack, Elena and the Galileo crew must deal with a reckless starship captain consumed by revenge. (HarperVoyager, 2016)

Prologue | Chapter 9 | Chapter 15

Breach of Containment
A diplomatic squabble on a colony moon reunites Elena with Galileo and her old crewmates, who find themselves abruptly isolated–and facing a galaxy-wide civil war. (HarperVoyager, 2017)

Prologue | Chapter 9

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